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Forum Guidelines



1.1 The Gospel Hall Forum is a mail list created to enhance effective communication among believers of all ages that gather to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ around the world.

1.2 The scripture forum began in December 1996, and at this time there are believers from the following 28 countries:












Isle of Mann




New Zealand




South Africa




United Kingdom


United States



El Salvador


1.3  Postings to the GHF should be in "Plain Text" only.  This requirement has 2 purposes:

Please make the addresses and "Plain Text Only" in your email program. Failure to do so may cause your posting to bounce and not appear on the forum.


2.1 Each member is asked to read these revised Guidelines carefully and to indicate their full acceptance of them by continuing their subscription to the GHF. If you feel you cannot abide by these guidelines, then we would ask that you please remove your name from the list in the manner outlined above.

2.2 A Moderating Committee (MC) exists and is responsible for maintaining an environment for postings for the good of the forum and will arbitrate where necessary and deal with breaches of Forum etiquette. (See below)

2.3 The GHF provides an online resource for assembly believers to communicate with each other. Suggested uses for the forum are (but not limited to):

2.4 The Gospel Hall Forum is not intended for scripture or topic discussion.  The Scripture Forum exists for discussion of scripture, providing an online resource where questions relating to Biblical issues may be dealt with in a sensitive and informative manner. (Visit for information on subscribing to and use of the SF).

2.5 The primary aim of GHF is to provide a forum for the posting of notices, ONLY by believers who are in the fellowship of an assembly of Christians that is seeking to meet in accordance with the Word of God. The fellowship described is one where reception is to the assembly and NOT simply to the Lord's Supper.

2.5.1(This expression is used simply to distinguish the type of fellowship referred to from other groups such as: "Exclusive brethren," or "Chapels," including any group that practice what is often referred to as "open reception" or "open table," or that receive denominational people.)

2.5.2 While these other believers may join the list - it is only as listeners. Any postings such may have should be forwarded to for approval. Approval decisions lie solely with the Moderating Committee (see below). This is to avoid unnecessary controversy and unhelpful arguments on the forum. If you fall within this category you are asked to respect this "listening
only" requirement otherwise your name may be removed from the list.  All other subscribers may contribute in good faith to the forum for the benefit of all..

2.5.3 It is also noted that the GHF list is NOT a fellowship, but an
area of conversation - we want it to be profitable for all.

2.6 File attachments are not to be sent to the forum. If you wish to send a file to a particular user, then please arrange it outside of the forum.

2.7 Each one MUST state the fellowship they are in at the end of each post. The purpose of this is to inform all on the forum where the contributor is from.

2.8 Under no circumstances will anything be tolerated of a derogatory nature relating to the Scriptures of Truth - the Holy Bible, the Three Persons of the Godhead or fellow believers.

2.9 Principles of Christian courtesy and kindness must be practiced at all times in GHF.

2.10 When replying to a posted message, it is usually better to reply privately although there may be occasions when a public reply could be beneficial. When it is necessary to reply publicly, keep only the relevant sections of the original text intact.

2.11 Be brief. Never say in ten words what you can say in fewer.
Remember that the longer you make your posting, the fewer people will bother to read it.

2.12 Avoid using the GHF to pass on postings you read from other lists.

2.13 Do not send virus warnings to the GHF. Most virus warnings distributed by email turn out to be hoaxes. You can verify a warning at one of the following web pages:



    The Moderating Committee (MC) currently comprises of two brethren

    who share the responsibility of arbitrating the Gospel Hall Forum.

    When infringement of the above guidelines occur, the following

    procedure will be followed by the MC

    3.1 Procedure To Deal With Infringements of Guidelines:

    1st Infringement:

    The contributor will be emailed privately

    2nd Infringement:

    Member will be limited to listening only, or
    member unsubscribed.

    3.2 Members of the Moderating Committee